Growth through Collaboration
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What our employees say

Tanya – Senior Trader

I have been working at Kolmar for 20 years, 20 incredible years! I joined Kolmar at the age of 23, straight from university with very little work experience.  I started as a secretary/receptionist, but in a few months, I assumed the added responsibilities of a traffic assistant in the operations department. There was so much to learn, something new everyday. From assistant to traffic was a significant jump. The very first product I handled was ethanol, via truck deliveries in Turkey. Incredibly, by 2007, I was trading ethanol, which I still do. I learned so much during my years in operations which is hugely useful today as a trader. It has been an unbelievable journey and a huge learning experience, made all the better because of the great teamsmanship within the company. In fact, Kolmar is known for investing in its employees. I myself have benefitted from attending  various courses and seminars funded or sponsored by Kolmar. There are many such success stories here. Having been with the company for 20 years, I am amazed to see how much we have grown over the years: from 15 people in an office over Pickwicks to nearly 100 colleagues officed in a prime location in Zug, Switzerland. It is impressive. I have literally grown up with Kolmar, and I feel immensely privileged to have been given a chance to develop and grow with this company.  I am excited to see what the future brings.

Devin – Trader

Kolmar is a place where you are able to grow both personally and professionally.  Kolmar is built on the foundation of our strong global network. It is a dynamic and intellectual environment where you are constantly challenged and work closely with colleagues to find optimal solutions. It is entrepreneurial in that you must hold yourself accountable and responsible, but also where you are rewarded for your successes and hard work. Most importantly, Kolmar is built on strong relationships, both within the company and without, which is what creates the familial foundation that makes up Kolmar.


Christian – Senior Chartering Specialist

I was born and raised in Switzerland and my wish has always been to work in an international company since I love to travel and experience different cultures. At Kolmar we have a great mixture of different nationalities and cultures. While in some organizations, such differences might cause friction, they have the opposite effect at Kolmar. I believe that Kolmar is such a successful company because we are open-minded, learn from one another and value the positive synergies that diversity in thought, experiences and cultures can bring to the work environment.

I enjoy being part of a team where everybody pulls together in order to conclude new business which brings value to our customers and to Kolmar. The team spirit and the family atmosphere at Kolmar are unique and one of the many reasons why I, like so many other colleagues, have been a “Kolmarian” for many years.

Alex – Junior Sustainability Assistant

I started at Kolmar in 2021 in Accounting at the beginning of the second year of my commercial apprenticeship. With a basic knowledge of accounting, the complex and responsible tasks entrusted to me were a challenge at first, but with the support and guidance of my supervisors and colleagues at Kolmar, I quickly adapted to my new role. I realised that Kolmar is a company that gives employees opportunities for personal growth and career development. Kolmar has always been very flexible, allowing me to balance my work commitments with school projects and final exams.
After successfully completing my apprenticeship, I was delighted to be offered an opportunity to continue working at Kolmar, but at the same time try something completely new, as a Junior Sustainability Assistant. It was a good match because there are some similarities between accounting and sustainability, and they were looking for a young person like me, who wants to learn.
My new job at Kolmar continues to be challenging and responsible. What I like best is that every day is different. My supervisor supports and helps me so I can do a good job. She is always there if I have any questions. The whole team is really great and willing to help if I need them.
I appreciate the great working atmosphere at Kolmar. We aren’t just colleagues but also friends and we get together outside the office sometimes as well. The people here are a good mix, from young colleagues who bring new ideas to experienced colleagues who can share their wealth of knowledge. The company provides social events for employees which creates a supportive and positive work environment where everyone can thrive.
Working at Kolmar is a wonderful experience. I am excited about my future here and where it will take me, both personally and professionally.