Growth through Collaboration
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When Kolmar was founded in 1997, now more than 25 years ago, the prevailing trading model was based on market “forecasting” and speculation. As a result, commercial executives were selected and judged on the strength of their short-term results.

The founders of Kolmar recognized early on, however, that increased market volatility, modern developments in communication and the growing sophistication of our clients called for a fundamental change in the business philosophy. Kolmar was subsequently established on the principle of steady and long-term growth whilst fulfilling a positive and important function for our partners in the industry.

This is how the concept of ‘Function Trading’ was established. The functions were varied: from sourcing, marketing, tolling, risk management, to engaging with business partners looking for holistic cooperation in order to achieve their objectives. Over the years, Kolmar has been active in assisting its partners in optimizing their performance by sourcing feedstock and by providing marketing, financing and logistics services. Our customers have always felt confident that by working with Kolmar they are assured of the highest standards of professional service. We pride ourselves on offering safe and secure storage and transportation of products, with on-time delivery. We manage price, currency and/or country exposures based on sophisticated in-house risk management tools. Moreover, thanks to our solid financial base and strong relationships with all the major financial institutions in Switzerland, Europe, the US and Asia, we are able to offer attractive financing options to our partners, facilitating business expansions and new ventures.

Having established an important position within the industry since 1997, we are proud to say that we have been very successful, not only in strengthening Kolmar, but doing so by achieving positive results for our business partners who regard us as a respected professional organization and by contributing to their well-being, which benefits the industry as a whole.

With a staff of more than 250 colleagues, and encompassing renewable fuels manufacturing facilities in the US to offices and representations around the world, Kolmar is a medium sized company, with an average employee tenure of more than 10 years, resulting in exceptional business experience throughout the organization. Kolmar’s ability to successfully evolve and adapt is due to the talent, drive and expertise of our dedicated employees and our next generation of leaders.   Our business relationships continue to grow stronger and deeper as we mature from fulfilling service functions to forming partnerships across the spectrum of our varied product portfolio.

Kolmar’s corporate culture is one which emphasizes staff well-being and giving back to society by donating  to educational charities around the globe. We believe that success is not only measured by our own financial progress, but also by the extent to which we share our prosperity with our communities.

Our updated website will hopefully provide you with an insight into Kolmar, its values, its vision and commitment, its capabilities and mission.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence.
Ruth Sandelowsky and Raf Aviner