Growth through Collaboration
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Kolmar Group was established in early 1997, with a family orientated business module commencing with just 5 employees, with two tenant philosophies in mind, namely “function trading” and later incorporating “growth through collaboration”.

The success of the company rests on its core principle to work very closely with its business partners and service providers across the globe.
Since its inception, Kolmar Group has developed a global presence through its elaborate network of offices and representations in more than 22 countries and has one of the broadest product ranges in the industry. Our community of approximately 300 staff, is very experienced, and they come from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds. As a company we enjoy an extremely low turnover of staff and together we speak more than 30 languages.

Kolmar Group is organized to respond dynamically to evolving market conditions, allowing it to capture geographical shifts in trade flows and balance supply gaps to effectively service the needs of its clients.

The company transacts approximately 6 million metric tons per year with a sales value ranging from US Dollars 5 to 8 billion. The product portfolio includes Petrochemicals (including olefins, aromatics, petrochemical feedstocks, solvents, alcohols, fiber raw materials), Renewable Fuels (including waste feedstocks, biodiesel, renewable diesel and ethanol), Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (including components) as well as Natural Gas and LNG. In its traditional petrochemical and renewable fuels business areas, Kolmar Group is the premier company among its peers. Kolmar Group has successfully developed a high-quality trading niche business in the crude and petroleum space.

Kolmar Group is also a manufacturer of renewable fuels in the U.S. under the name of American Green Fuels (AGF) with production sites in Connecticut, Texas and Tennessee.

The company has invested significantly in cellulosic technology with new production of renewable diesel. Its business development teams in Europe and the U.S. are engaged in promising projects ensuring that Kolmar will remain a fundamental and progressive partner for years to come.

In addition, Kolmar has invested significantly in circular technology with a new partner, Synpet. The TCP (Thermal Conversion Process) will provide a unique solution to the conversion of waste and the recycling of plastics into chemical feedstock.

Kolmar’s philosophy is client driven and non-speculative. The Group has long-term storage and freight contracts, which in combination with customized financing and hedging services makes it a favored business partner, enjoying the highest respect and trust of its long-term clients.
Our clients have supported the company through its journey of 26 years.

To sustain its business the company values strong and robust risk management tools and is making substantial investments in its global Risk and IT departments. The company uses an extensive range of hedging tools, research and market analysis that allows it to withstand market volatility so typical of the industry. Kolmar strives for excellence and maintains the highest standards in compliance and corporate governance.

Kolmar Group’s unique company culture is best described by the acronym: Kolmar MATTERS (Modesty, Allegiance, Teamwork, Tolerance, Excellence, Responsibility, Stimulation). Our employees enjoy these values which they in turn afford to our clients and third-party service providers.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence.
Ruth Sandelowsky and Raf Aviner